Nedinsco defence:

Nedinsco’s wide range of high-quality products for the defence market is integrated in excellent equipment, used in land and naval systems. Next to the Dutch defence market, customers also include many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

Optical systemsGovernments, defence ministries and OEMs in the top segment of the defence market regard Nedinscoas a reliable knowledge partner and optical systems developer. The company’s high‑end cameras, daylight and night vision solutions, sensor platforms, boresights and training systems, are all of the highest quality level.

Nedinsco supplies the defence market with a complete range of products and services based on essential and unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competences. In the defence world, Nedinsco is regarded as one of the leaders in the supply of high-quality, state-of-the-art systems with military certification. These systems are designed to meet customers’ most stringent demands, both today and tomorrow. All defence products are ruggedised and able to operate under the most extreme conditions.

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Back Up Sight

The backup sight is a direct-sighting device, it enables gunners and commanders of armored vehicles, to observe and aim also during complete loss or degraded mode of electrical power in the vehicle. It is proven in field and integrated in existing new and retro-fit programs for armored vehicles.

The backup sight is a modular system which can be tailored to every need.

Core characteristics

  • Powerless auxiliary sight
  • Gunner sight
  • Commander sight
  • Operates without power due to fubre optictransmission
  • Direct sight: integrated reticle and laser filter
  • 1.8 m flexible high quality fibre budle
  • Less adjustments needed to the basilic protection
  • Situational awareness and targeting during power loss
  • Easy / flexible integration in (existing) platforms