We are an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. We develop and supply a broad portfolio of airborne, land and naval systems and products for defense, homeland security and commercial applications. Our systems and products are installed on new platforms, and we also perform comprehensive platform modernization programs. In addition, we provide a range of support services.

Our major activities include:

• military aircraft and helicopter systems;
• helmet mounted systems;
• commercial aviation systems and aerostructures;
• unmanned aircraft systems and unmanned surface vessels;
• electro-optic and countermeasures systems;
• land vehicle systems;
• command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems;
• electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems;
• cyber and intelligence systems; and
• various commercial activities.

Many of these major activities have a number of common and related elements. Therefore, certain of our subsidiaries, divisions or other operating units often jointly conduct marketing, research and development, manufacturing, performance of programs, sales and after sales support among these major activities.

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Elbit Systems will showcase an array of solutions and capabilities at FSS 2019. Owning the Sensor-to-Shooter Cycle. 

› SupervisIR™

An IR Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) system, which brings unprecedented surveillance and situational awareness capabilities to the user, SupervisIR facilitates 24/7 wide area surveillance, providing real-time automatic target detection and can be integrated with additional systems.

› HattoriX

Hattorix is an Intelligence and Target acquisition system providing fast, simple and accurate 3D coordinates extraction – TLE CAT-1, while improving situational awareness and survivability with passive targeting, augmented reality and remote operation

› RattlerTM GX

A dismounted hand-held, man-portable target designator/marker equipped with LRF and digital compass. Rattler GX enables warfighters to rapidly bring effective fire to bear on hostile targets.


Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight (COAPS) is an advanced, modular, dual-axis  stabilized sight for MBTs and AFVs that facilitates day and night long-range target acquisition. COAPS features advanced sensors, panoramic 360° LOS capabilities and an elevation of -20° to +60°. The stabilized sight is highly accurate, offering a small interface to the platform, ruggedized components and armor protection in both stationary and mobile situations. Based on open architecture, COAPS is easily adaptable to sensor additions / changes. It can function as gunner or commander sight and can be integrated with fire control systems


› Long View CR/SW (SWIR)

A versatile advanced long-range portable multifunction Day/Night Observation and Target Acquisition System, LONG VIEW CR/SW is integrates a long-range zoom, thermal, day and SWIR (optional) channels, eyesafe laser rangefnder, GPS and magnetic compass and mounted on a tripod or P&T, LONG VIEW CR is an outstanding tool for acquiring targets and engaging fire from long ranges.


The THOR VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) Mini-UAS is a low altitude multi-rotor platform, designed for a wide range of surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

› Hermes™ 45

(Will be on display by graphics and Multimedia)
A multi-mission Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS), Hermes 45 is designed for land and
maritime operations with a wide range of advanced payloads.

› Skylark™ I-LEX

(Will be on display by graphics and multimedia) A man-portable electric propelled UAS, Skylark I-LEX is best suited for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions, as well as civil applications.

› Skylark™ 3

(Will be on display by graphics and multimedia) A tactical Mini UAS, Skylark 3 is optimized for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation. 

› DOMINATOR™ - Soldier system

DOMINATOR is an integrated warrior combat suite that enhance the effectiveness of the dismounted soldier.

› Smart Vest

Dominator suite components: Providing enhanced mobility and survivability for the dismounted warrior, the lightweight Smart Vest incorporates wearable and protective systems for ground forces; command and control (C2) systems including advanced voice and data radio systems, rugged displays and C4I capabilities; and can be integrated with combat vehicles. Soldier mobility is enhanced by an advanced Load Carriage and Protection (LCP) subsystem. The future-proof Smart Vest is modular and scalable and can interface with existing soldier systems.


Dominator suite component: RAPTOR is an all-in-one wearable computing unit designed as an optimal tactical solution for the dismounted soldier.

› SmartNVG

Dominator suite component: SmartNVG is a helmet-mountable navigation and C2 head-up display add-on for night vision goggles, providing tactical augmented reality.

› SmartEye

Dominator suite component: SmartEye is smart soldier glasses for augmented situational awareness.

› Smart WristView

Dominator suite component: A compact computer and display, Smart WristView is worn conveniently with a strap on the wrist or elsewhere, serving as a powerful tactical device for the dismounted soldier.

› SmarTrack

Dominator suite component: martTrack is a Soldier wearable reliable location tracking and data link for GPS denied environments.

› SmartSight

SmartSight is a see-through augmented reality digital add-on for day-sights to enhance situational awareness.


› ETC - The Dutch BMS

Elbit Systems’ series of Enhanced Tactical Computers (ETCs) provide innovative command and control (C2) capabilities and tactical data dissemination. These computers are deployed on a wide range of platforms including tanks, artillery and armored personnel carriers (APC), wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. With an extremely rugged design, the ETC is fully battle-proven and currently in use by numerous armed forces around the world, including the Israel Defense Forces, NATO forces and others.

› TORC2H™ System

 An all-in-one C4I system for multi domain network operations,  TORC2H covers all defense services,  branches and echelons, enabling collaborative mission planning, management and execution based on real-time information and intelligence. Updated, coherent and collaborative, TORC2H is operationally deployed in Land, Sea & Air military organizations around the world, including NATO and Five-Eyes countries.

› Combat NG

A fully-integrated modular artillery solution, Combat NG IS the latest generation of C5I2SR systems for field artillery, and establishes an autonomous artillery array, achieving an effective fire support process. Combat and field-proven worldwide, Combat NG manages all aspects of artillery operations, from the platform to brigade level. The solution enables a short sensor-to-shooter loop, thereby increasing the combat effectiveness of the combined force.

› E-LynXTM

The latest generation of tactical communication solutions, E-LynX supports the operational requirements of the modern battlefield. Based on powerful, advanced SDR technology, these multi-band, multi-waveform tactical IP radios enable simultaneous data and multiple voice sessions in both wideband and narrowband waveforms on a single RF infrastructure The future-proof E-LynX solutions offer interoperability, seamless communications and situational awareness across a variety of operational scenarios and platforms.


Elbit Systems’ Ground Launched Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) offers a degree of precision-strike capability for 70 mm guided munitions. When combined with our smart launcher, the improved effectivity and volume of deliverable ordnance is unmatched by any other 70 mm munitions system.

With cutting-edge and variable fuzing solutions, GL GATR provides combat flexibility to engage most target sets encountered, including soft, lightly armored, stationary and moving/maneuvering, with a reduced collateral damage footprint, supporting operations in Urban Terrain.


The Laser GPS Guidance Mortar Kit, LG2MK turnS a statistical 120mm mortar shell into a pinpoint accurate guided munition, fitting any standard 120mm warhead AS-IS without any modification to the warhead or the fuze.

› Rockets & Missiles Launching System

(Will be on display by graphics and Multimedia)
This system is an autonomous multi-purpose rockets & missiles launching system for precise firing to ranges of up to 300km.

› Extra

(Will be on display as a 1:1 model) A cost-effective, long-range high-precision rocket, EXTRA has range of up to 150km.

› Accular

(Will be on display by graphics and Multimedia) A 122mm cost effective guided artillery rocket, Accular is  supporting of ground forces & neutralizing artillery targets.

› Stylet

A highly affordable solution for traditional mortar targets, Stylet is GPS and INS-based. With a range of 1000-8500m depending on the mortar system, the Stylet offers autonomous fire control and multi-target assault with single positioning.

› Iron Sting

Aaser and GPS-Guided Mortar Munition (GMM), Iron Sting is a 120mm precision-guided munition SAL/GPS/IMU.

› Sky-Striker

Tactical loitering munitions for covert and precise airstrikes, SkyStriker is fully autonomous and can locate, acquire and strike operator-designated targets with a 5 or 10 Kg warhead installed inside the fuselage, enabling high precision performance and a unique go-around and Abort & Fly-Home capabilities.